AIJMS Career Day 2018!

Special Thanks to all guests, presenters, and those that did demonstrations for our AIJMS Students!

-Guam Fire Department
-Guam Department of Agriculture: Forestry & Soil Resources Division, Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources
-Guam Police Department: K9 Division, Hagatna Precinct Community Resource Unit
-Department of Public Works: Office of Highway Safety & Guam Police Department Highway Patrol
-GWHS ROTC Drill Teams
-Talent Box
-Guam Contractors’ Association and NAWIC
-Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense
-District Court of Guam: U.S. Probation Office”
-Guam Waterworks Authority
-Senator Frank Aguon
-Joint Region Marianas Redhorse Corporation
-Judiciary of Guam: Probation Division, Courts Ministerial Division, Marshals Division
-University of Guam: College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, School of Education
-Guam Power Authority: Transmission and Distribution Division, Information Technology Division
-GDOE-Student Parent Community Engagement
-Training Specialists Provider
-Jamaican Grill
-Port Authority of Guam: Port Police Division
-Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro
-Micronesian Divers Association
-U.S. Naval Hospital
-John Robert Powers Guam
-Department of Public Health: Dr. Rachel Ramirez
-Jon Tuck

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