AIJMS Christmas Tree displayed in Washington D.C.

Tan Agueda Iglesias Johnston, your legacy in the importance of educating our children is kept alive and goes beyond our island. The Guam tree displayed in Washington,D.C. is decorated with beautiful ornaments created by our artistic Agueda students, with the guidance of their talented teacher Gloria Obias. 
Thank you to the Superintendent and his central office crew for your visit. Thank you to our Board Chairman Mark Mendiola and Deputy Taling Taitano for sharing your photos from D.C. Biba Agueda!!! – Dr. Rebecca Perez (Principal) 

Video and photos provided by: Mr. Mark Mendiola GDOE Board Chairman.

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2 Thoughts to “AIJMS Christmas Tree displayed in Washington D.C.”

  1. Wow the ornaments look awesome!

  2. Wow the ornaments on the tree look awesome!

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